(10-29-20) Today Governor Mike DeWine gave examples of COVID 19 being spread in Ohio… one of those examples was about a high school football team.

The Governor did not mention the name of team or the current health condition of the 13 players who supposedly infected each other. The governor said the spread happened at informal gathering, not at regular team functions. So why make the point that it was a high school football team?

The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) state football playoffs are entering its fourth week of play, overall Ohio teams will have completed 10 weeks of competition.

Although there have been games canceled due to positive cases of confirmed COVID 19 cases on teams, it has not been enough to put a damper on a very successful season in a very trying year. No outbreaks have been confirmed from playing in a game.

According to an article posted by Dr. Karissa L. Niehoff, NFHS Executive Director.

The NFHS Football Completion Chart shows that 30 of the 35 states that were able to continue with football this fall amid the pandemic will conduct state championships, with the other five states ending postseason play at the regional or sectional levels. While some of the states reduced the number of regular-season games, and some teams or individuals may have been ineligible due to quarantines, the overall perseverance of student-athletes, coaches and parents has been amazing.

            Most of the state football championships will be held in November and December, with North Dakota crowning the first champion on November 13 and Texas the last January 14-16. The Texas University Interscholastic League had to push its large-school championship to January after a late start to the season.

Other examples the Governor shared today –

You will note that these examples have no detailed information, but is very vague on locations and who was involved.