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(10-29-20) The soap opera in Illinois continues….

Today Democrat Governor JB Pritzker has decided to move Illinois high school winter sports to the spring. Nobody was more surprised by that statement then the IHSA.

Matt Troha from the IHSA –

  • “The IHSA has not received additional outreach from the Governor’s office or IDPH since Tuesday, and as a result, are not comfortable commenting. Please refer to the IHSA press release from yesterday for the IHSA’s current winter schedule.”

The IHSA yesterday announced that basketball would move forward as scheduled in November, this happened one day after Pritzker said basketball was on hold due to being raised to a higher risk level.


Today Pritzker at his Thursday press conference inferred that everyone misunderstood what ‘on hold’ meant.

“It’s not that we’re trying to shut down their sport or tell them to go home and don’t do anything. There are medium-level risk and low-level risk [sports] and those sports will in fact be played in the fall and winter, but some of these sports, we’re not shutting them down, we’ve asked that they be moved to the spring,”

“What we’re trying to do is get to the point where positivity rates are much lower, where the number of cases in our state is much lower and where I hope and pray we will have much better treatments and vaccines available. It’s the high-risk sports where we have asked that there may be limitations just for the time being.”

Having both basketball and football scheduled for the spring would hurt many Illinois small schools in fielding teams, many athletes play both sports.

The IHSA is not run by the State, it is a separate organization that is run independently by member schools.