UPDATED – (1-5-22)

The original posting below was from October of 2020, today CPS is in disarray again. –

Athletics as of this morning are in limbo at CPS, another situation proving that CPS needs to be removed from the IHSA. The direction that CPS is taking is disrupting to the IHSA membership.

This situation is just one of many over the years.

Original post –

(10-30-20) Its not a surprise that Chicago Public Schools have sided with Gov. Pritzker on the start of the basketball season.

Over the years CPS has bucked the IHSA system, with separate goals in how they want to operate in athletics and academics. This latest CPS move was most likely accomplished without any talks with the IHSA, following the Governor’s way of doing business.

Eligibility issues (different rules then IHSA) abound at every CPS school, rampant recruiting at the ‘basketball’ and ‘football’ schools, not all schools compete as full-fledged athletic programs, playoff and tournament scandals, etc.

2020 has been a rough year for everyone in high school sports and things have taken place to adapt to the situation…making this the right time to have CPS move on from the IHSA. CPS does what they want to do anyway, including bypassing the IHSA on this issue…lets hope CPS makes the move and leaves. It would be the best for all involved.