(4-1-21) This past week All-Ohio girls basketball teams and Ms. Basketball were named. The teams over the past years had been selected by the AP until 2017, since that time the Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association (OPSWA) handles those selections.

The OPSWA was created in 1972 to support, promote and recognize coverage of high school sports across Ohio and is endorsed by the Ohio High School Athletic Association. Who is eligible to vote on these teams, all members or just ones who cover girls games (same for any sport) this past season. According to the press releases sent out this week – OPSWA members are invited to assist with selecting the all-district teams, with those award winners eligible for All-Ohio consideration.

OPSWA Membership


Eric Frantz – MaxPreps.com

Vice President
Greg Shoemaker – TriState Football/TriStateFootball.com

Vice President
John Cummings – contributing writer for Cox Media since 2006

Vice President
Scott Halasz – Xenia Daily Gazette, Fairborn Daily Herald and the Beavercreek News-Current

Yesterday when the Ms. Basketball selection was announced two Division (II and IV) Players of the Years were not finalist in the selection of that award. The majority of the finalist, except for one, were D I players.

The selection process in a state like Ohio has to be a monumental task to undertake, you will never have everyone happy with the results. But it is an important process for the student-athletes, who work very hard during the season to accomplish their goals, this can become very disheartening.

It has to be hard for any sportswriter to not be bias towards the athletes they follow on a regular basis, while possibly overlooking athletes from another area. How was the group selected to take over the process?

OPSWA Members .By Region

  • Northwest 71
  • Northeast 51
  • Southwest 39
  • Central 27
  • Southeast 24
  • East 15

Is there a solution? The OHSAA’s new Executive Director and board members need to consider possible changes in the future to the guideline and process.After all the association endorses these selections as All-Ohio picks and these teams represent the member schools.

NOTE: OPSWA information from the OHSAA web site