(6-18-21) Midwest Athletic Conference member schools are in the process of getting ticket prices approved by their Boards of Education. The ticket prices were recently adopted by the MAC, no details were released on the process determining the plan.

MAC Approved Ticket Plan

This past week New Bremen and Ft. Recovery school boards approved the plan and released season ticket plans.

Ft. Recovery approved the MAC plan, but also approved keeping season ticket prices the same as last year –

New Bremen’s BOE also approved the MAC plan and released its season ticket schedule as well –

Two other schools have been verified of what they have done with the plan…Parkway also approved the MAC plan this week, while St. Henry has yet to discuss the plan.

Below are the MAC 2021-22 school year ticket prices that were approved at the June Parkway board of education meeting.

MAC Ticket Prices (Single Game) 

Ticket prices are the same for Adults & Students. There will be no differentiation between the two this season. 

  • Varsity Football and Boys Basketball Presale

All Pre-sale: $7 At Gate: $8

  • Varsity Volleyball and Girls Basketball

All Tickets: $7

  • Junior High Football, Volleyball and Basketball

All Tickets : $4