(12-2-21) Regional Sports Editor for Shaw Media J.T. Pedelty tweeted the below tweet about Serena (Illinois) High School’s mascot Bob the Cob.

When you have a mascot like Bob…great ideas soon follow. Bob’s design has those qualities you want in your mascot.

This year during the Huskers’ half-time fundraiser instead of Chuck the Puck, they play Lob the Cob….awesome.

you Who wouldn’t want a t-shirt with the charging Bob the Cob and Fear the Ear!

Bob shows off the Huskers school colors quite well…purple, royalty of mascots and gold, for corn that makes him special.

Everybody wants Bob in their parade –

On the Serena High School Facebook page

We are Serena High School home of the Huskers!!! We are home to Bob Cob, The Corn Crew and a great group of students and staff. Thanks for stopping by.

Did you know?

According to The Hoosier Archive

The Hickory Huskers’ mascot from the movie ‘Hoosiers’ is named Mr. Corn. Two paintings of Mr. Corn can currently be found in the Hoosier Gym in Knightstown, Indiana, the Huskers’ home court.