(3-4-22) Recently Harrison HS basketball coach Mark Rinehart sent a letter to the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) and asked for their help for him and other coaches facing the same issue…transfers.

Our game is being tarnished by coaches who are not being held to any kind of standard when it comes to IHSAA rules pertaining to recruiting and by school administrators who are allowing this to happen. 

During the February 13th IHSAA Executive Committee meeting transfer numbers for the past two years (June-February) were shared. The numbers speak volumes about the issue.

Both years over 90% of the transfers were given full eligibility. This past year those approved rose from 2,080 the year before to 2,728 this year. The overall total of transfer requests jumped from 2,281 to 2,934.

Both years August, the start of the school year, was the biggest month for requests…two years ago it was just 361 requests and this year it jumped all the way up to 1,198.

The rise seems a good indication that the transfer of student-athletes is an issue. No word on if the IHSAA and Coach Rinehart have discussed efforts to work on the issue in the future.