(7-13-22) Two incidents in Ohio with altercations with one at a T-ball game and and the other at a Little League game. Both incidents were on the opposite site of the state.

Fellure and Pettit

Joseph Pettit (36) Bryan was arrested after causing a disturbance at a children’s T-ball game on Tuesday (July 12) at Montpelier’s Municipal Park. Montpelier police chief said the man was behaving aggressively, threatened a coach and pushed a spectator.

A second incident happened on the other side of the state in Jefferson County. Richard Fellure of Adena hit the umpire in the back of the head with a bat after a Little League game because of a dispute on a call during the game, he was charged with felonious assault. The incident happened the week of July 7th.

WTRF You Tube Video

Over the past several years these incidents continue to happen around the country. High school athletics is facing a shortage of officials for athletic events due to incidents like this.