Update and Clarification: (9-8-22)

After we posted this story that came from an OHSAA announcement about divisional ‘breakdowns‘ in spring sports whichwas highlighted by the first year of boys volleyball.

After reviewing the details of schools listed as those who would compete this season, SSN posted the information that three WBL schools would be a part of that, Celina, Defiance and Elida. The story link was sent out on social media. On Twitter the link was sent to all three schools.

Our media friends at WOSN-TV posted the following tweet, apparently due to our posting-

Five other Stateline area schools appeared on the list, Hicksville, Hopewell-Loudon, Indian Lake, Napoleon and North Baltimore, which it seems WOSN did not confirm their participation.

With that we have emailed all three schools we listed and the OHSAA for clarification on the situation and what has taken place.

OHSAA’s Tim Stried-

We are looking into this on our end, but the likely answer is that during the summer when those schools indicated which sports they would be offering during the 2022-23 school year, they checked boys volleyball by accident, so when we pulled the reports, those schools appeared on the list.

Celina City Schools Superintendent Dr. Ken Schmiesing replied first to our request-

It appears that there was a clerical error. In seeing not only Celina, but also other schools being marked as planning to field a team when these schools do not have those plans.

NOTE: As we receive replies to our request we will post. Also the divisional list has not been updated and the three schools remain on the list.

Boys volleyball will have two divisions in first year as an OHSAA sanctioned sport

COLUMBUS, Ohio (9-6-22) – The Ohio High School Athletic Association announced Tuesday the new divisional breakdowns for the upcoming spring sports. The OHSAA Board of Directors approved the new divisions during its meeting late last week.


For the first time, the OHSAA’s spring sports will include boys volleyball. There will be two divisions of boys volleyball due to the spike in the number of schools now having a team, which has gone from 85 to almost 160 schools since the OHSAA announced earlier this year that it will sanction the sport.

Three Western Buckeye League (WBL) schools, Celina, Defiance and Elida) have registered to compete this spring, all three will play in D II. No Midwest Athletic Conference (MAC) schools will be have teams.

OHSAA Boys Volleyball – Division I and II – 2023 Season (Registered Schools as of As of September 2, 2022)

School ——————————————————————-District——Enrollment——-Divs

***the above is just a portion of the schools listed—

Boys Volleyball – two divisions, no competitive balance: https://www.ohsaa.org/Sports-Tournaments/Volleyball-Boys

Fall and winter sports divisional breakdowns were announced in June.

The OHSAA uses enrollment data provided by the Ohio Department of Education to determine each school’s base enrollment numbers for girls and boys sports, which will be used for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years. Among the OHSAA’s spring sports, only baseball and softball utilize competitive balance data, therefore it is reconfigured every season. Sports that do not utilize competitive balance data are reconfigured every two years.

Did you know?

That in the 1990’s that Celina has a very successful club boys volleyball team. In 1995 the Bulldogs advanced to Elite 8 in the State Championships and ended the season 23-5.

1995 Celina Boys Volleyball Team