(5-1-23) During its annual review of the by-laws on Monday afternoon, the Board of Directors of the Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc. tabled a proposal that changes the way schools are classified in the four-class sports.

The Board of Directors, led by this year’s President Chris Conley of Delta High School and Vice President Kye Denney of Wes-Del High School, approved 12 proposals, three (3) failed to receive enough support, and several others were tabled during the meeting in Indianapolis.

All proposals are considered in the order that the rule appears within the current by-laws. The Board of Directors has four options on each proposal: affirm, deny, table or amend a rule. A simple majority is necessary to act on any measure and all approved measures become effective immediately unless otherwise noted.

After lengthy conversation, the Board opted to table the proposal that would begin classifying schools in the four-class sports of baseball, basketball, softball and volleyball using fixed enrollment figures. Since 1997-98, the rule has required equally distributing schools among the four classes.

The proposal, which will now be taken up at the June 22, 2023 Executive Committee meeting, was submitted by Commissioner Paul Neidig on behalf of the Indiana Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (IIAAA). It calls for the following breaks:

Class 4A: 1,400 enrollment and up
Class 3A: 600-1,399 enrollment
Class 2A: 325-599 enrollment
Class 1A: 324 enrollment and dow

Tournament Success Factor
Due to the above tabling of the four-class proposal, the other proposals affecting the Tournament Success Factor – one from Yorktown Principal Stacy Brewer and another by Board member and Barr-Reeve Principal Jeff Doyle – were subsequently tabled as well.

Other items:

• The Board unanimously approved (17-0) of reducing the necessary number of schools participating in an Emerging Sport (currently girls wrestling and boys volleyball) from 150 to 100 before that sport would become officially sponsored and a state tournament implemented. The minimum of 40 schools per district was also struck from the rule

• The proposal that required schools to notify the Association of their intention to play up one or more classes for the next reclassification cycle with a deadline of September 1 was approved 18-0.

• An amendment to Rule 9-14 that reduces the number of practices required after missing consecutive days was approved 18-0. Students missing 8-14 consecutive days will now need two practices (previously four) while those missing more than 14 consecutive days will now need three practices (previously six).

• Clarifying language to Rule 14-8 that high school students with a provisional officiating license may officiate any contests other than those at the high school level (grades 9-12) was approved 18-0.

• An amendment to Rule 14-9 that extends the deadline to renew an officiating license from May 31 to June 30 was approved 18-0.

• A proposal from the Indiana High School Tennis Coaches Association requesting the first authorized practice date for girls tennis in the spring did not pass (1-17).

• Amendments to Rules 50-1 and 50-1.2 (Pre-Participation Practice) that reduced the number of practices required both passed unanimously (18-0).

• Two proposals from Austin Principal Dr. Ryan Herald that would reduce the maximum number of games that a baseball team and softball team may play both failed to receive any support.

• The elections for next year’s leadership of the Board and Executive Committee were also held. Stacy Adams of Valparaiso High School was voted president of the 2023-24 Board of Directors and Chad Gilbert of Charlestown High School was elected vice president. Chris Conley of Delta High School was named chairman of the 2023-24 Executive Committee and Tom Black of East Central High School was confirmed as vice chairman