Wayne Trace Girls Basketball
Wayne Trace Girls Basketball – courtesy Wayne Trace HS

(11-22-17) So how do you think Gracie Gudakunts and Kaylee Sheperd feel about being two of the only members on the Wayne Trace  Raiders girls basketball team to not be named Sinn? Or how would you  like to be a play-by-radio guy doing a Raiders game when possibly 5 Sinns are on the floor at the same time and substitute three others to replace those five.  WOWSER! How about Coach Bethany DeJarnett, “Hey Sinn go in to the game.”

When asking Coach DeJarnett about having eight Sinns on the roster:

This is kind of a fun situation and they are a GREAT group of girls so that makes coaching them even better.

Ok Coach, what does the ‘family tree’ look like for the Sinns?

2017 Wayne Trace Girls Basketball Roster
G Gracie Gudakunts (Sr.)
G Brooke Sinn (Sr.)
G/F Sadie Sinn (Jr.)
G/F Kaylee Shepherd (Jr.)
G Claire Sinn (So.)
G Miriam Sinn (So.)
F Sara Sinn (Sr.)
G Chelsea Sinn (Sr.)
G Lily Sinn (Sr.)
G/F Tiffany Sinn (Fr.)

Brooke and Claire are sisters. Chelsea and Tiffany are sisters. Sadie and Miriam are sisters. Sara and Lily are the groups of sisters first cousins. All of their dads are brothers. I actually have a set of Twin sisters on JV who are also their cousins and I’m pretty sure their mom is a first cousin to the dads of the others.

Fun stuff!!!

The Holidays should be fun at the Sinns home for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, lots of talking about Wayne Trace Girls Basketball and great meals.