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In the constant change of high school athletic conferences, one Illinois School System Board of Education President is not happy with the actions of members from another school  system and wants some action taken for the future.

Springfield (Illinois)  School Board President Adam Lopez, at the last Board of Education meeting, asked District 186 staff to evaluate whether Decatur MacArthur and Eisenhower high schools should remain in the Central State Eight Conference.

Lopez stated at the meeting that he has…

“numerous issues”

….with the two Decatur schools since they joined the conference.

“We’re very disciplined here in the district, and I want to see if they’re doing the same thing over there and want to see if it’s the best thing for us.”

“I want our athletic directors to provide us with feedback on what they’re seeing.”


Lopez’s comments comes after an incident at a recent Springfield Lanphier-Decatur MacArthur boys basketball game. It is not the first time the two schools have had issues, in 2014 a brawl broke out that did not allow the game to be completed, the IHSA declared it a double-forfeit.

Decatur Public School district spokeswoman Maria Robertson statement:

“Decatur Public Schools has a long history of tradition of athletic excellence. We are committed to uphold this high standard of excellence by exuding good sportsmanship from our athletes, coaches, administration and our fans who are have a strong passion for our schools and teams. Our fellow conference members recognize the value we bring to the CS8 and look forward to a long partnership.”

Conference changes around the US at the high school level are almost a constant happening. It has become something that continues to distract from the actual athletic contests and student-athletes. Many changes take place because of enrollment changes, football schedules, unable to compete, school dominating the conference and  incidents like the Lanphier-MacArthur game in Illinois is almost a daily occurrence.

One disturbing element that has evolved in these changes recently  include ‘back door’ meetings that see a group of schools leave to form a new conference and bypass the bylaws or ‘kick out’ and let one or two members stranded searching for a new conference.

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