UPDATED 3-12-18:

To see the additional reprimands in place by the OHSAA due to the Dunbar situation, be sure to read Jeremy Keller’s story above.

Dayton Dunbar AD Quiona Boffman and Donnovan Brown, Dunbar’s junior varsity basketball coach, were issued written reprimands on Friday.

Brown’s included:

“failed to hold students that left the bench accountable”

“action constituted a serious violation of school board policy”

Boffman’s included:

“failed to respond to OHSAA in an adequate and timely manner, while also not properly keeping administration notified about any concerns.”

“to know and implement fully” OHSAA and DPS policies”

The letters were sent by Acting DPS Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli, who has replaced former Superintendent Rhonda Corr after being dismissed by the BOE of Dayton Public Schools.

Cheryl McHenry

(3-9-18) According to a Dayton Daily News posting the Dayton Public Schools took disciplinary action against at least two employees for how they handled the brawl that broke out during the Dunbar and Thurgood Marshall JV boys basketball game in early January. The incident led to the Wolverines being ousted from the boys basketball tournament, to a court hearing with the OHSAA over their ruling, which DPS won and led to having Dunbar reinstated back into the tournament.

DPS District Athletic Director Mark Baker and Dunbar Principal Crystal Phillips were placed on administrative leave with pay:

“pending an investigation related to your employment and your job performance.”

Documents were secured according to posting via a FOIA request, more will be made available soon.

The information on Baker and Phillips was not brought out during the hearing on Wednesday, neither Baker or Phillips testified. There is no way to know if this information would have benefited the OHSAA in their defense of their ruling in court.

Dunbar won the the District game with Middlwetown Fenwick 29-27 and will now play for the District Championship.