(3-8-18) Last night Dayton Dunbar moved on to the District Finals beating Middletown Fenwick 27-26, in a game that the Wolverines slowed down.

The Wolverines pick up their second win of the week, the first being in court that put them back into the tournament. Dunbar will now play Cincinnati Woodward on Saturday night for a chance to win a District title and move on to the Regionals.

The OHSAA may have lost the ‘battle’, but still feels the ‘war’ is still on.

Wolverine player Jo-Jo-Scates told the Dayton Daily News after the game:

“(The OHSAA), they’re always picking on Dunbar. It’s like a tradition, now. There’s a lot of doubt that goes on in the city against Dunbar. We take that as motivation and use it to our advantage.”

But the OHSAA and Dunbar officials, who threw words back and forth in a Jeremy Kelley Dayton Daily News story, after the judgement show the incident is far from being over.

The OHSAA’s Tim Stried told Kelley in the article that serious penalties, up to cancellation of OHSAA membership is still possible because of DPS leadership in the incident while being on a three-year probation.

“What we have are two incidents in the past 15 months that are very serious violations, and we owe it to our member schools to pursue those to the full extent of the bylaws.”

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Quinoa Boffman, who is  Dunbar’s Athletic Director, fired back in the article to Kelley on the OHSAA statement:

“Dayton Public Schools is not going to roll over and play dead because they threatened to throw us out of the OHSAA. There are courts that will support DPS because we did nothing wrong at the varsity level. Punish me at the JV level if you’re going to punish me.”

The situation will most likely see its next move after the completion of the OHSAA boys basketball state finals. What happens if Dunbar wins the D II state title in Columbus, it could be a tense trophy presentation.