(8-25-18) The NIC 10 opening season football game between Freeport-Rockford Auburn ended with 10:32 remaining  in the the 4th quarter and the Pretzels leading when gunfire was heard and spectators panicked.

Freeport head football coach Anthony Dedmond told reporters after the game:

“Everyone from Auburn knew what it was. So when they started running and got down, we got down.”

Rockford Police say that gunshots were exchanged between two unknown vehicles around 9:45 pm southeast of the football field on Pierpont Avenue and School Street and it is not yet known if it is connected to the football game.

Freeport head coach Anthony Dedmond said that a Pretzel cheerleader had dislocated her shoulder during the scramble for fans to leave the stadium. Freeport radio, who was covering the game,  say that it sounded like shots fired (“Pop, pop, pop, pop” ) with players and coaches hitting the ground.

Per their usual reaction to a situation, the Rockford Public Schools say they are not planning to release anything  or offer any comment on the situation at the current time.

UPDATED: 8-25-18 3pm

Rockford School District Chief Communications Officer Earl Dotson Jr.

“Based on information from Rockford police, the incident was not related to the game, aside from proximity. On behalf of the district, we are extremely disappointed that violence in our community is affecting our schools, students and families.”

Did you know…

Wyeth Stadium is also the home of the Jefferson J-Hawks