Skyler Durbin

(5-10-19) The above tweet came from OHSAA Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass and it  heated  up Twitter today on both sides of the issue.

It is not the first time that Snodgrass on Twitter has expressed his opinion in this manner when someone has asked him a question concerning OHSAA issues, several of them have ‘stirred the pot‘ enough to get some pretty heated reactions from both sides…including tweets on many different topics.

Adding disclaimers to statements like this on social media when you are the Executive Director and representing the OHSAA ‘muddies the waters‘. If you take a look at Snodgrass’ Twitter account  @Jerry_Snodgrass you will see it is all about the OHSAA and not a typical personal account separate from the OHSAA.

Social Media

Every year both high school and college coaches encourage their students to careful what they post on social media, maybe it is time for school officials to do the same.