Celina JV Basketball Huddle – Thanks to Snap In Time Photography

(1-8-20) The past several years it is not unusual to see girls junior varsity basketball games in the Stateline only play 2 quarters.

You will note that it effects schools of all sizes, one of the larger schools in the Stateline, WBL member Celina, has been playing 2 quarter JV games again this season.

Another down side to the problem is that schools who don’t have an issue with low numbers are basically forced to play a 2 quarter JV game.

(OHSAA Sports Regulation 20.) 1.6) A student shall not be permitted to participate in more than five quarters during any one day. Any part of a quarter is to be considered as a full quarter. In an overtime game, the extended time shall be considered an extension of the fourth quarter.

With low numbers in the entire program coaches have concerns about having enough players to finish the varsity games. By cutting the games to two quarters it allows the coach to have a longer bench.

SSN has covered the situation since 2017 when it asked girls basketball coaches their thoughts on the situation.

The answers varied, but from that posting a majority of those coaches are no longer coaching those teams.

Two sports in the area have expanded at many schools during the winter, bowling and swimming, those two sports are the most recent additions to the winter months. AAU and travel teams programs in various sports also have caused some athletes to not compete in local high school sports.

According to the NFHS

Combined basketball participation was down 23,944 (13,340 girls and 10,604 boys), and the girls basketball total of 399,067 is the lowest since the 1992-93 school year.

While boys basketball has not seemed to have had the same problem….it looks to be headed into that direction.