(11-29-21) As Ohio heads to Canton this weekend to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Football Playoffs…everyone is talking about the Midwest Athletic Conference (MAC).

The MAC will have three teams playing for a state championship, Coldwater (D VI) , Marion Local (D VII) and Versailles (D V). Marion Local is the current MAC Champion, Versailles finished 2nd with 1 loss and Coldwater was tied for 3rd with 2 losses.

Three MAC teams playing for a state title is not something new, before the competitive balance plan was put in place, the MAC did it three times in a row …2014, 2015 and 2016. The addition of D VII in 2013 was the key factor that allowed the opportunity for the MAC to accomplish playing three state title games in the same year.

2014 was the first time and one to remember for the MAC, with Coldwater (D V), Marion Local (D VII) and Minster (D VI) all bringing home a state trophy….that is still the one and only time that all three won in the same year.

2015 would again would see three MAC teams play for a chance to make it two years in a row. That didn’t happen when Kirtland ruined the plan knocking off Marion Local in the D VI title game.

Coldwater, no stranger to state title games, picked up a D V title and Ft. Recovery would win its first and only visit to the state finals in D VII. Meatloaf said it best…‘two out of three ain’t bad’.

In 2016, make it 3 years in a row, the MAC would win one out of the three state title games they played in. Marion Local won in D VI, Coldwater lost in D V and Minster lost in D VII.

Shortly after that competitive balance was being discussed, most thought it was to counter-act private schools…some thought it was the MAC members it was focused on.

The MAC teams hope to match what they did in 2014…it should be fun to watch.