(2-3-22) Have you ever seen a tweet with an article that you might enjoy…only for this to happen.

Newspapers around the country have an issue with online subscription-based articles…they will need to figure it out soon.

Gannett is stopping Saturday editions, smaller sized and condensed papers, web sites that have subscription costs to read a story. Social media provides information faster then ever. Colleges and high schools now feature their own athletic web sites. All these items are facing newspapers coverage.

Gannett spokesperson Lark-Marie Anton

“Our business — just like any other — is adapting to a competitive digital world. With more of our readers engaging with our content online, we are embracing our digital future with this evolved Saturday experience while ensuring our subscribers have unlimited access to the news, sports, events and information they value most,”

This while radio and tv stations provide the same stories online for FREE and within seconds of it taking place.

If you buy the hard copy of the newspaper you get a free subscription for the online edition.

Over the past several years top veteran and well respected sports writers have been forced into retirement or released. Most of those writers have moved on to digital free sites, even creating their own web sites. Gannett has also combined in several regions sports departments, using stories from those writers still left to fill those sports page.

Lost jobs at all levels of newspapers are impacting the future of the daily newspaper. Newspapers can handle their product anyway they feel, but the impact they are facing is seeing the product suffer in the long run.

Newspapers continue to be sold to major media groups and that eliminates local ownership that made papers a valuable asset to their communities.

Let’s face it…if newspapers were working major cutbacks and changes wouldn’t be taking place.