(2-4-22) Rockford Auburn’s Bryan Ott picked up his career 400th coaching win this past week beating Rockford Guilford in a NIC 10 52-50 win.

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For Ott is has been a 23 year journey starting with the 1999-2000 season. Ott was building a program that had hit hard times, the year before he took over the Knights they were 4-23. It took Ott eight years to have his first winning season in 2006-07 going 17-11.

1999-2000 Auburn Knights

Ott with the 400 wins is well in front at Auburn with the most coaching wins… Dolph Stanley had 161 wins in 10 years and Howard “Whitey” Long who had 103 wins in 6 years.

During the 2011-12 season Ott led Auburn to a 32-3 season and a 3rd place finish in the Class 4A State finals.

It was a good week…

While Ott was picking up his 400th win one of his most well known players, Fred VanVleet (Toronto), was being named to the NBA All-Star Team this week.

Eyewitness News WTVO WQRF – You Tube Video