(5-12-22) The Bahamas has a very active and productive boys and girls high school basketball programs in this small island country. It is not unusual to have some of those players make an impact at college programs in the US.

Below is a girls player that appeared on the The All Bahamian Brand Facebook page today, just one of those top prospects.

Antonicia Moultrie, 6’0 Combo Guard/Forward, St. Augustine’s College HS

Antonicia Moultrie is a NCAA Division I Prospect and the only question at this point is her next steps/course of development, location and level of competition during the Rest of her High School and AAU Career.

From The All Bahamian Brand -Director of Scouting

Antonicia Moultrie is Absolutely Electric! Moultrie is a wiry strong combination of pure aggression, savvy, quiet leadership, excitement and clutch! Antonicia rebounds, defends, can run the offense, just as comfortable playing on or off the ball, can create, distributes and score with the best we have seen in the entire Caribbean.

Scoring from the three levels against bigger defenders, fouling out two of the opposing JR National teamers’ bigs on the backline then deftly knowing exactly when to make the pass or when to score based off of the help side defenders response. Moultrie finished with either hand going toward or away from the rim and when the defense collapsed she was able to consistently make the pull up jumper and/or floater. On defensive, near impeccable position defense with long arms and enough quickness to challenge/change shots, get deflections.

Antonicia could add a few pounds – which is really not that bad of a problem to have. Additionally, she played so aggressively in the post it appeared as thought it didn’t seem to matter. The other minor thing in our assessment was Antonicia “plays from a higher than optimum center of gravity during her point of attack” which we feel is not ergonomically maximized relative to sports specific in game longevity. Factors

Of Note:

Antonicia did all this whilst playing with her High School team AGAINST the Twelve players classified as the best in her age group in the entire country (The Bahamas Junior National or Lady Cadets Team)? Antonicia was getting face guarded for quite a bit of the game and at times even double teamed when she did NOT even have the ball? Antonicia was leading her HS team to victory over the JRNT until her legs cramped up and she had to leave the game. Her HS team lost, but she still won MVP (deservedly so) and the Crowd Cheered and/or gave her a standing ovation as she exited the game.