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(12-14-18) Public Schools in Pennsylvania were hoping that the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) would separate charter and private schools from public schools during the state playoffs.  That won’t happen.

In a December 5th statement to PIAA member schools were informed that the request had been denied based on a recommendation by the association’s legal staff. The PIAA has asked the three groups, the PA Equity Group, the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference and the Pennsylvania Charter School Coalition, to work together for a solution in the future.

OHSAA Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass recent tweet on private vs public –

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This PIAA is overseen by the Pennsylvania State Legislature, compared to a non-profit association like the Ohio High School Athletic Association that is not under the control of any political group, but is a member’s run association.

Meanwhile the battle goes on  in other states over public vs private schools.

Statement from Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA)

The PIAA Board of Directors, at the recommendation of counsel, concludes and therefore reaffirms that the separation of playoffs with regard to public, charter and private schools is contrary to the publicly documented legislative intent of Act 219 of 1972.

The PIAA Board of Directors in conjunction with its many advisory and steering committee groups will continue to study and consider proposals brought forward that may further enhance equity for all member schools within the association.

Act 219

To that end, the PIAA Board of Directors recommends that the PA Equity Group, the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference and the Pennsylvania Charter School Coalition attempt to work in unison to find common ground within their respective groups in providing proposals for consideration that are consistent with the intent of Act 219 and further aids in establishment or revision of policies for the betterment of all student-athletes.

The PIAA Board of Directors looks forward to a continuing dialogue with these and all other constituent groups.