(6-20-20) Yes it is June 20th and many OHSAA member schools are in the midst of playing baseball and softball this spring/summer. They are accomplishing a 2020 season on there own without the help of the OHSAA.

The OHSAA officially cancelled spring sports on April 20, a month later the Governor issued guidelines to allow baseball and softball teams to continue on field competition. The number of non-contact days were changed to allow unlimited days of contact  (as long as activities are voluntary) between coaches and athletes.

That is when member schools started scheduling games under those guidelines and ‘Play Ball!’ was heard.

So how are these games being viewed? Will wins and losses count for coaches? Are these teams school sponsored or summer league teams?  Good questions.

Tweets below share what is taking place—

When baseball coaches set their minds to playing, they do it. Although there will be no official remembrance of these games in record books, student-athletes (including graduating seniors) had an opportunity to compete one last time for their schools in 2020.

Could the OHSAA have made a spring season happen? They most likely will tell you ‘no’, we’ve been following the Governor’s Guidelines. The leadership didn’t seem to want that happen.

Someday looking back on the 2020 baseball/softball season it might have been for the best…quite an accomplishment by all who made it happen.