Indiana Sectional Champions are awarded a trophy after winning…

(2-9-22) For many, many years the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) has not given out sectional trophies to the winners. With the state basketball tournaments for 2022 ready to go…you will see winners pose for pictures with no sectional trophies.

From the OHSAA web site, girls tournament basketball regulations

So why is this practice still going on? Cost cutting? Come on that is a lame excuse and one that makes the situation look very petty. It may not be important for the OHSAA officials…but it is to the student-athlete.

In the 1970’s and 80’s when the OHSAA stopped awarding trophies to sectional winners….radio stations like Celina’s WCSM stepped up to provide them to local winners. But the OHSAA would not allow them to be presented on the floor, it had to take place in the locker room after the game or during the week at that school.

The OHSAA has been quick to raise funds to help the association since the newest administration took over.

Raises given to staff, new pension program,$3.5 million placed in a reinvestment account, raising ticket prices and not giving any of it back to the schools, cutting the payback expense to tournament hosts, paying expenses for schools competing in tournaments…etc.

If anything could change it will be up to member schools and school administrators and they will have to push the issue, but don’t expect the OHSAA to move on this anytime soon.

Do something positive for the kids! It is time to do this!