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UPDATED 5-14-18 – Today the East St. Louis School Board voted unanimously to reinstate the boys track season, overruling the Superintendent’s decision to cancel the remainder of the season.

Overruling the board’s decision was the Illinois state superintendent who upheld the East St. Louis School District’s original decision to cancel the boys track season, for now, depending on any future appeals and possibly a court restraining order.

State Superintendent Tony Smith had the power to overturn the board’s decision because the school district operates under a consent decree with the state.

(5-12-14) The Southwestern Conference boys track and field meet was cancelled, along with the remainder of the East St. Louis (Illinois) High School track and field season.

The East St. Louis administration decided to cancel the remainder of its season after an incident during the competition on Tuesday at the Clyde Jordan Stadium. Spectators in the stands and several East St. Louis athletes began fighting and the decision was to cancel the meet.

It is a major blow to the Flyers’ program,  they have 11 state championships. Last season they placed second in the Class 3A State Track, dropping down a class to 2A this year they were considered to bee the favorite for the state title in two weeks

It’s not the first time safety issues has faced the conference, recently Granite City decided to leave after several safety concerns at conference events last May.

Students at the school recently walked out to protest the track season being cancelled.

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Southwestern Conference

“Due to time constraints, the availability of venues, and the required logistics attached to a meet of this magnitude the SWC will be unable to reschedule the meet which was canceled on Tuesday. Obviously we are disappointed that athletes will lose this opportunity, but we wish those who are competing in the IHSA State Series the best of luck.”

East St. Louis District 189

“While the investigation is still ongoing, it has been confirmed that members of the Flyers track team contributed to the escalation of the altercation at the meet held on May 9, 2018. Therefore, we are ending the boys’ track season immediately. Further consequences will be given to individuals involved in the incident, in accordance with our discipline policy. Our Code of Conduct outlines expectations of student behavior; the actions that some student athletes engaged in on May 9th do not uphold our values. Hopefully, this will be a learning experience for all of our students and athletes.

Safety remains the top priority for District 189. We constantly evaluate and adjust our methods for improving the safety for students, staff and patrons at our athletic and our public events. Additionally, the East Sr. Louis Police Department has committed to making a stronger presence at all future sporting events and we are reaching out to the state police and the Sheriff’s Department to request their presence as well.”