Treye Tucker on the Soleballers Facebook page – (9-1-17)

When I started this charity to help kids in need… my hope was to target my aau teammates mostly for them to donate. Aau kids (most of the time) are getting brand new shoes every season (spring and summer) and all hoopers wear their shoes only on the court not outside. That makes for a perfect donation for kids in need.

If you are a travel baller I wanna challenge you to donate your shoes after your 3 month season. You wouldn’t even believe how in need some of our local kids are and now even places like Houston need our help.

(7-12-18) Treye Tucker is entering his Senior season at Harlem (Illinois) with hopes of helping the Huskies win a NIC 10 title. The point guard can shoot the three, but he is also one of the most unselfish players on the court and enjoys handing out an assist as much as he does scoring. He is doing that off the court as well.

Tucker’s charity,  Sole Ballers, is a shoe charity that collects gently worn shoes and donates them to those who are in need.

How it all started – THRIVE Life Video (2015)

Tucker talks about the number of shoes distributed since Sole Ballers was started….

Over the past 3.5 years we’ve collected and disbursed over a thousand shoes. We used to work with RPS 205 families in transition program but when that shut down we collaborated with Kevin Wares Just Breathe organization and years earlier Daniel Petrie’s Fatherhood Encouragement project. I’ve gotten to work with (State) Senator Steve Stadelman and his son Nik with their 3 on 3 event to collect shoes and disburse. Most times though I gather shoes from friends or AAU programs so that we can give those to kids who need them. Kessel Heat out of the burbs collaborated with us as well as my good friend Marquise Kennedy from (Brother Rice/Illinois Wolves). I was able to gather about 100 pair of shoes to send down to Houston for the hurricane victims.

The success of the program…

I had a couple kids reach out to me from Houston who really liked the shoes they got. Lately I’ve stopped putting everything out on Social media because I’ve been busy. The mission is to help as many kids as possible. I feel like kids that have a lot should def contribute to those who don’t have as much. I think I’ve gained more from it than I’ve helped others for just making kids happy.

It means a lot to see people happy and grateful.

Tucker is in the midst of his final AAU season that will end with stops in Charleston, South Carolina, Atlanta and Las Vegas.

Role Model

  • a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.

Tucker has several offers he is now considering (including several from D I and hoping for more) to continue his basketball career in college. Can an under-seized point guard from Rockford make it? Yes, ask the Toronto Raptors and Wichita State grad Fred Van Vleet that question.

Wherever he lands after he graduates you can be assured that school will benefit from having a leader on and off the basketball court.

Sole Ballers Twitter  – @soleballers1

Treye Tucker behind the back pass for the assist as a Freshman at Christian Life…