(7-31-21) Robert “Bob” Garner is the Events Coordinator at The Hoosier Gym & Director of the annual Hoosiers Reunion All-Star Classic. He graduated from Knightstown High School, and attended Indiana Central College. He spent his professional career in the medical field. 

Brad Long “Buddy 14”
“Bob has captured the essence of the lessons taught throughout the fabric of this movie. Bob is a true Hoosier.”

Garner’s book Hoosiers 11 Life Lessons is a ‘hidden jewel’ you will want for your ‘Hoosiers’ collection.

Coach Norman Dale:
Five players on the floor functioning as one single unit: team, team, team – no one more important that the other.


The fans of ‘Hoosiers’ are a special group of movie fans. The love for the movie is something not seen for any other high school sports story. It will live on and it continues to have a positive input on everyone who has ever watched it.

Are you a ‘Hoosiers’ fan…answer one question…How many times have you watched it!

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Eleven Life Lessons, from the movie Hoosiers, was my effort to put on paper the Lessons I learned from watching & studying Hoosiers. I wanted to relate what I had been telling young Hoosier Gym visitors.

1.) If you learn the Eleven Life Lessons while you are young, you will have the foundation for a great life.

2.) If you make Eleven Life Lessons a part of your core values, you will achieve it.