(1-19-22) Swanton has decided to remain in the Northwest Ohio Athletic League (NWOAL) after looking at two other options over the past year. The latest option was an offer to join the Toledo Area Athletic Conference (TAAC). Earlier the formation of a completely new conference (Ottawa Hills, Northwood, Delta, Evergreen, and Montpelier) was considered.

Swanton Superintendent Chris Lake in a Swanton Enterprise article

“At this point Swanton will be remaining in NWOAL for the foreseeable future. After presenting the invitation to the board members I gave them time to mull things over before reaching out to them to discuss their thoughts. The majority consensus of the board was that they would prefer that Swanton remain in the NWOAL.

“After considering it, a majority felt that leaving was not in the best interest of the district,” he added. “As Swanton is so closely identified with the NWOAL, making a change is difficult and the unknowns of moving to a new league complicate the matter. Thus, in the end, the majority believe that staying in the NWOAL is the best thing to do.”